Wall Decor for the Mid Century Dog Bed

Feb 18th

Mid Century Dog Bed – Instead of allowing the walls of your dog’s bed to literally “go to the dogs,” that is, become dirty and dirty, use the walls to pay homage to your dog. Make storage space to house your dog’s food and toys, as well as to create dog-themed art and other wall decors.

Paintings for dark walls are better when decorating a wall for a dog bed. Since the wall is more likely to get dirty due to the dog’s body pressing against the wall, with light-colored paints it will only make mud and dirt stains, nail scratches, and any other scratches and spots more noticeable. Darker wall paintings such as dark purple, royal blue, brown, black, red and dark green tones all easily disguise such spots. If the wall you are going to decorate is made up of wood panels, look for darker spots for the treatment of the wood.

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The walls around your dog’s bed can be used to hang pictures of your dog, calendars for any medication your dog needs or to track how many long walks you left this week, as well as for the placement of the hook for hang straps. Shelves can be used as a dog food store, your dog’s favorite bone, and candy ropes and stuffed toys. Such shelves can also be stenciled with the prints of the dog’s foot if desired.