Tips to Buy Rustic King Size Bed

Feb 26th

Rustic king size bed with iron canopy has been around for centuries. In medieval Europe, beds with iron canopy were designed for its function rather than visual appeal. An iron canopy bed combines a strong look and physical component to a bedroom. Iron canopy beds can work in various motifs, include contemporary or traditional decor. It can also be dressed to create a romantic bedroom.

The cost of a canopy bed depends largely on the quality of the plot. Antique iron canopy beds can run over $ 5,000, while some new iron canopy beds can cost as little as $ 250 as of the date of publication. Unfortunately, less expensive models tend to reflect their lower price with lower quality frames. Older and more expensive iron beds are often too expensive for the average consumer, so most people opt for something in between that works well and looks attractive, but it is also affordable.

Canopy beds can be found by various means. One way to find good quality wrought iron antique beds is by visiting the auction houses, where most of the old pieces end. The Internet is another place where four-poster beds of different qualities, finishes, and prices can be found. Four popular canopy iron manufacturers include Charles P. Rogers Beds, humble abode, Carolina Rustica and Claudio Rayes.

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