Tips to Achieve French Rustic Country Bedding

Feb 17th

Rustic country bedding comfort comes to mind when thinking of the French country style of decoration. The cozy feel of a French country house is combined with elegant components to form a glance. That’s each charming and chic at a similar time. The trick to doing this look job is to create a nice and cozy atmosphere. It comes with furniture and colors that improve the mood you want for your home.

Choose a bright palette of colors for your rooms. There is no strict color scheme with this style of decoration. Keep your colors on the bright side and hit the mark. Shades of red, blue, green and yellow are popular. Choose tones you want to enjoy and look at. Traditional colors are often silenced and washed lime items are nice additions to rooms. Walls that are white walls create a warm and cozy French country atmosphere. Another popular trend in colors involves the indebtedness colors of the sea. Shades of blue have a calming effect on the rooms, while green creates energy.

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Choose from a wide variety of antiques and modern furnishings. They include unusually shaped candlesticks, vintage chairs, and framed mirrors. Use these pieces to improve the mood of your rooms. Tapize pieces with a vintage cloth. Add texture to your rooms in the form of worn wood, toile, velvet, and thick brocade fabrics. Use these fabrics for chair cushions, pillows and screens to give your Unified look of rooms. Another way to add texture to the rooms is with iron tables, chairs, and other furniture.