Steps to Build the Mid Century Twin Bed

Mar 2nd

Mid Century Twin Bed – A bed contains a raised style that reduces the requirement for a box spring. The base of the platform is strong and resistant that supports the mattress and prevents sagging. If you want extra help or a higher bed, use a mattress in combination with the mattress. When framing a double bed of a metal structure, use the platform on top of the frame. The frame adds further support, whereas the platform raises the peak of the mattress.

Make sure the two-board platform measures 39 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch and two boards measuring 75 inches by 10 inches by 1 inch. It puts the tables in a rectangular shape, which makes a big box. Measure the sides 75 inches, top and bottom measure 39 inches and the box must be 10 inches tall. Apply wood glue to the edges of each plate and join the boards. Attach the wooden clamps to the edges of each board. Place a 1 ½ inch wood screw in a corner, where two plates come together.

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Arrange ten 39-by-2-by-2-inch wooden boards on top of the platform. Drill the holes through the frame of the metal bed. Space the holes on each side, making a hole every 2 inches. Fit the screws through each hole in the metal bed frame. Tighten the screws until each one is aligned with the metal. Attach screws the frame of the bed to the platform. Go back to the bed face down and fix the mattress on top of the platform.