Simple Building Steps for Mid Century Queen Bed

Mar 3rd

Making a Mid Century queen bed size frame is a cheap alternative to buying one. Modern interior designs often include clean cut and simplified bed frames that are easy to make. However, it is also relatively painless to jazz over a simple bed frame with a headboard, which can be inserted into the bed frame or stand freely. The process for the manufacture of the bed frame is the same as for the manufacture of a king, the difference lies in the sizes of each. Queen bed frames are 60-by-80 inches, while king frames measure 72 by 84 inches.

Place the sets of 2-by-4 in a rectangle with narrow sides on the floor. Take the screwdriver and the 2.5-inch screws to fix the sides on the top and bottom planks at the corners. Use at least two screws for each corner. Place the brackets inside each corner, keeping the brackets towards the middle of the wooden boards. Screw the brackets to the frame.

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Start placing the remaining four 2-by-4 (4.5 feet long for the queen, 5.5 king feet) to build the support structure for the mattress. For a double bed, each 2 by 4 should be about 1.5 feet away. For the frames of the queen, measure about 1.3 feet between each ribbon. Place each flat plate on its wide side and screw it to the rectangular frame. Embellish or alter what you want. Place your legs at the bottom of the corners if preferences run towards a higher bed.