Room Decor for the Purple and White Comforter

Feb 14th

Purple and White Comforter – One way to create a consistent appearance in a bedroom is to use colors of bedding and wall that match or go well with one another. Enlarge this; choose the color of the wall based on a purple and white comforter set. Or colors are an easy way to create the appearance of your choice in your room, as you change a quilt in a bed. That is much less often than the rest of the bedding. If your quilt is purple with other colors in the design or on the contrary, those secondary colors can be used to choose a corresponding paint.

Even if you love the purple curtain that is on your comforter, too much of a good thing can be overwhelming. If you match the wall paint to the exact shade of purple that is on the comforter, the room may feel too dark, creating an authoritative atmosphere or even a feeling of claustrophobia, especially if the room is small or if all the walls were painted of this same color.

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Another way to choose paint colors that you like is to go to a color selection site online. Use the sliders on this site to mark in the dominating purple tone of your comforter, and the site will show you other colors that fit in the color scheme. Playing with the tool for a while will result in some interesting options, one of which is linked to show the colors you enjoy. Take a picture or print the screen and have the paint shop match the color.