Real Width of the Mid Century King Bed

Feb 18th

Mid Century King Bed – For most of human history, individuals slept in beds that they created themselves or had created to live by a craftsman near. Standardized bed sizes became common with the unfold of production. Nowadays, queen and king size beds are the standard option for a couple who plan to share a bed.

A standard king bed is about the same length as a queen, but 76 inches wide, which gives each bed 38 inches of sleeping space, approximately the same width as the bed they would enjoy with a double bed each. The King of California could be a taller, narrower bed that provides thirty-six inches per bed – a complete of seventy-two inches wide. In Europe, a standard marriage mattress is 25 inches wide. It is shorter than a queen of North America – but wider – offering each sleeper both individual space and a king of California. The European double bed is 60 inches wide, the same width as a North American marriage mattress.

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The growing interest in larger mattresses has led to the development of large king size mattresses. In North America, the Great King is 80 inches wide, offering almost as much space for each occupant as he would enjoy sleeping alone on a full mattress. The European equivalent of the great is the Super King, measuring 72 inches in diameter, just like an Asian king or a North American king of California.