Perfect Modern Bohemian Bedroom in Purple

Mar 1st

Modern Bohemian Bedroom – When you want to renew the appearance of a home environment, you have to assume if you want it to be a small variation or a big change. Go from one color to another, some drastic changes become risky adventures in the decoration but well-chosen are surprising results that fascinate us. Today we are going to give you an idea to take advantage of purple as a color for a decoration that is interpreted slightly bohemian, purple is a beautiful color.

There are many ways to use purple, combining with other colors that blend well with it. In this sense we must be very careful, the great contrasts are far from helping such a powerful color by itself. And we can see a mixture that is too “dark” “gothic”. But, that will be great as decoration if that is the trend. It is what are we looking for. But if it is not, we could take better advantage of the combination of purple in various shades.

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In this charming environment, we can appreciate a result, which can serve as inspiration if we are thinking of going from pastel colors. Or classic neutral tones to a colorful maximum of the home decoration, that is to say, to take the purple as the color of the decoration of our home. Purple has a great variety of shades ranging from very pale to the darkest. Which go through that soft tone that mixes with blue and becomes so “grape” that flirts with black.