Options for the Mid Century Bedding Furniture

Feb 18th

Mid Century Bedding – Because the 50s were a prosperous time for many middle-class families, Americans had more time and money than in previous years to spend on home improvements, which included fixing up the master bedroom. Interior design was exciting and vibrant, with a wide range of color and fabric combinations to complement the bedroom furniture. Pieces were simple and functional; however, they were well made and finished robust and available in dark to light wood shades as well as painted.

A bedroom color scheme of the 50s often composed of pastel, modern or Scandinavian tones to complement either furniture in dark or light tones. Pastel hues such as mint green, powder blue, pink cotton candy, pale turquoise yellow and watery were favorite shades for curtains, walls or covered fabric headboards. The furniture of pastel colors harmonized especially well with light brown or white furniture. Scandinavian tones: brown, cream, gray, green – added warm, earthy roll against brown furniture with natural wood grains. Modern colors, such as bright blue, yellow, red-orange, black and white, looked impressive against dark wood or painted white.

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Furniture of the bedroom of the 50s was built on the principle of design of the following function form, which refers to the purpose or function of a piece taking precedence over ornamental aesthetics. This principle was evident in Scandinavian-inspired pieces, with clean lines and light-colored woods, such as sturdy walnut, pine, maple and oak pieces straight or slightly curved lines and simple hardware. The lack of unnecessary ornamentation in the bedroom furniture was a mark of identification of mid-century bedroom furniture.