Option of Rustic Bunk Beds for Children

Feb 16th

Rustic bunk beds are a necessary part of any child’s room. Not only give each child their own bed but also save space in a small area. Having the beds piled on top of each other. Unique bunk beds are more interesting than ordinary bunks.

The Fleetwood Bunk Bed is a multi-purpose and interesting bunk option. The top bunk is normal; it extends over the top like a roof with a mattress. The bottom bunk, however, is folded into two small sofas facing the sides. Between the two sofas, the lower and middle part of the lower berth slides up to make a table that is used as a place to study.

For children interested in the great outdoors, rustic log cabins, history or interesting furniture, the cedar right berth is ideal. The bed looks like it was made directly from a tree cut, with the logs instead of the flat joints. The bed is bare and made of real hand cedar. Since the beds are made by hand, the look of each bed will differ slightly depending on the shape of the wood. The Cassidy playhouse bed combines the bunk bed with the outdoors, providing a tent or strong appearance to the bed. The lower bunk can close completely off the bed for the world in between, and the top half has a tent.

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