Leg Build for Mid Century Modern King Platform Bed

Feb 21st

Mid Century Modern King Platform Bed – Due to their large size, king beds are often made with short legs or in a platform style. If you want the luxury of a king-size bed, but still want a reasonably high bed frame, then you always have the option of making the bed yourself. Bed legs that are made to fit around the corner of the bed frame are ideal for a double height bed, as they offer the necessary support on all four sides of the bed frame, while still looking like the solid legs.

Miter one of the edges of 22 inches of 8 planks of 22 inches of 2 by 6 wood at 45 degrees. Divide the planks into pairs, and pair the miter edges of each pair so that they form a corner. Glue the miter edges together and fix the four pairs of corner pliers to dry. These are the legs of the bed, and they will be fixed on each corner of the railing frame. Insert a corner bracket into each leg, flush with one end of the legs, and secure with 1 1/2 inch screws through the screw holes in the brackets. Place second support on the inside of each leg 11 inches from the bottom of the legs and fix it there as did the first.

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