Ideas of the Mid Century Modern Bedding

Feb 19th

Mid Century modern bedding is very popular and is readily available in many stores, but some people are not sure how to determine. That is the style of bedding they want is truly contemporary. The Mid Century modern decoration is defined by simplicity and clean elegant lines and aims to reflect a fresh and elegant appearance. When choosing Mid Century modern bedding, keep these things in mind, along with the texture, color, and pattern.

Most of the texture of the bedding should be soft, but you can add visual interest to your Mid Century modern bedding by mixing textures. For example, you can link a decorative wool pad with cotton sheets or an organic subbed fabric quilt with ribbed sheets. The textures you want to avoid are laces, scallops, ruffles, and fringes. These textures would look out of place when used for Mid Century modern bedding.

Neutral colors, such as black, white and gray, punched with bright colors are common in Mid Century modern beds. For example, you can choose bedding set that has gray, white and cherry red or black, white and bright yellow. The idea is to make sure that any colors are in your bedding are a pair formed by a neutral palette especially with a touch of bright color. Another popular color combination of Mid Century modern bedding is mocha, brown and turquoise. This color combination has become popular in other types of decoration and interior design, as well as the design of the event. For a feminine spin, try mocha, ivory, and rose.

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