Ideas of Platform Mid Century Storage Bed

Mar 2nd

Mid Century Storage Bed – The area underneath the bed will generally seem like a dark jungle full of lost or moldy things or a random assortment of rubbish. Platform beds modification all that, allow you to know the management over the area underneath your bed. Most platform beds have some type of storage system built in the platform area so that you can hold and organize your stuff.

Some platform beds come with two rows of drawers on each long side of the platform, making an actual dresser unnecessary. This frees space on the floor, which is indispensable for small rooms. Socks and underwear can be left in separate drawers, heavy sweaters in another, t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts in another drawer and jeans in another. Alternatively, you can use the drawer space for out-of-season clothing. To keep seasonal clothing in your closet and things out of season absent but practical.

Some platform beds do not come with drawers at the bottom; instead, these beds have a hydraulic lifting system where you lift the mattress and you have the entire box structure of the platform to store things. Because this space is so large, it is ideal for larger items and things that you do not use regularly, but do not part with. For example, storage of the platform can save large dust albums, albums, old magazines and notebooks, even stuffed animals.

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