How to Identify the Walnut Mid Century Bed

Feb 14th

Walnut Mid Century Bed – Walnut wood is highly prized for its durability by artisans and carpenters from all over the world. The bright colors of the walnut also make a wonderful addition to many homes when used in furniture pieces such as bold tables and dressers. Walnut is found in many parts of Europe and North America. Knowing how to identify walnut wood is very useful when deciding which wood to use in your new or newly painted house, or what equipment would look best in your living space.

Examine the grain of the furniture in question. Walnut furniture has a grain nearby, or narrow ribbons, on the wooden pattern. Evaluate the color of the wood compared to the grain. Walnut wood is a clear wood that goes from white to the cream of golden brown tones. Since other woods also look like these colors, such as white oak tones, the grain can be used as a secondary reference.

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Look for knotting or swirls in the wood pattern. The light shades of pine are easily confused with the walnut. However, pine has knotted along the grain. Check if the evidence that the furniture has been veneered, (covered with more valuable layers of wood), or painted. Pine and elm forests are usually manufactured for the purpose of painting or coating different decorated homes.