How to Decorate the Purple Full Size Comforter

Feb 16th

Purple Full Size Comforter – Purple is a rich color in a bedroom. You can make a bedroom feel like a luxury retreat. If your bed has a purple comforter, you need to decorate around with complementary colors, or completely change the Comforter. For those who love their purple comforters, the choice is easy. Choose colors and accessories that will match the sophisticated tone that sets your comforter in your bedroom.

Determine if your comforter has pink or blue shades. This will make a big difference in how you decorate. Rosa is a warm color, but blue is a cold color. Violet quilts should be accented with silver and creamy whites. Paint the walls a neutral color. The Comforter should be the biggest touch of color in the room. Do not try to match the walls to the comforter. Instead, paint a white or pearly gray color.

Add cushions for the bed to break the large expanse of purple. Choose white or gray pillows and small cushions in an accent color and ideally a pattern. For accessories that match the style of your bedroom. If your purple comforter is a bright pinkish purple, decorate in a fun, interesting way to accentuate the strong shadow. Avoid accentuating with black if your purple comforter is a strong, bright tone, how this can look garish. Black goes well with purple pastel colors, however, giving them a modern twist.

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