How to Build Your Own Rustic Bed Frames

Mar 1st

Rustic Bed Frames – Making your own rustic bed allows you to create a truly unique piece of furniture that reflects your taste and your effort and is a great alternative to an expensive purchased rustic bed. Be creative with your design using workshop corner poles to raise the bed, add shelves or make a bunk bed. Add rustic railings, headboards, and baseboards with natural tips to make a single bed with rustic charm.

Decide on the size and design of your bed. Start with the frame. Place four posts of your chosen height in the appropriate places. Make the two posts on the headboard several inches higher than those on the footboard to create a more dramatic effect. Be sure to frame by putting four 2 by 4 boards of your chosen length between the four posts. Place the boards for the bed platform throughout the frame and nail the boards below to create your deck of cards.

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Check the header, baseboards, and rails in the selected style. Look for dead wood branches, which still have united limbs. Prepare the sanding or distressing rails. If you have access to hardwood, you can maintain the natural wood; Use paint or varnish to protect the least resistant wood. Fit the rails to the roof and corner posts using nails or wood glue, or notch the mounting posts on the rails, and fix with wood screws. The latter requires more qualified special tools and carpentry. Place the mattress in the middle and enjoy your homemade, rustic bed.