How to Build the DIY Rustic Bed Frame

Feb 14th

DIY Rustic Bed Frame – If you wish the out of doors activities facet, creating your own rustic bed structure isn’t solely a perfect project. However, it’ll conjointly prevent cash. If you reside close to a tree-plant, devour your own items of wood or visit a work to choose up wood that suits your vogue, like natural birchwood. Making your own bed frame is an easy weekend project, and it takes only a few tools to finish.

Gather your natural birch wood, or perish through a work. Cut out the pieces according to the structure of the bed size you want. A typical queen size mattress is 60 by 80 inches. Position the bed frame. The header will have two vertical pieces; the side frame will have two horizontal pieces, followed by two vertical pieces for the footboard. Drill holes in the wood that will connect the pieces together. Drill screws into the pre-drilled holes so that they adhere to the long horizontal side frames.

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Place the smaller pieces horizontally on the vertical posts of the headboard, spacing each about 2 inches apart. Lay four-by-six-foot boards horizontally over the bed frame to support the mattress. Fill the gaps with wood putty, sand and down to soften. Stain the wood according to your preferences, and wait for it to dry. Add the mattress to the structure of the bed, and make the bed.