DIY Ideas for Mid Century Modern Sofa Bed Look

Feb 22nd

Mid Century Modern Sofa Bed – Mid-century modern decoration features very clean lines, solid colors and right angles. Buying new mid-century modern sofas can completely change the look of your home. On the other hand, modify the look of the sofas that you have to look more like mid-century modern sofas. Take decisions based on your funds and the amount of sequence you have to make the custom it.

Replace the legs of the sofa with mid-century style legs. These legs are usually made of wood and are narrowed. Some are inclined towards the outside. Cover the sofa with a solid color or choose a solid color cover. Choose common mid-century modern colors such as bright red, orange, yellow or dull, but still mid-century modern such as gray or beige. Plume sofa to give it a modern look more than mid-century. Knotting button helps the sofa look more modern and geometric. You can pluck the sofa button itself or hire a professional upholsterer.

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Remove cushions from your sofa. Mid-century modern sofas were elegant and were rarely carved with many pillows. Do not try to make your sofa look more modern mid-century if the sofa is a completely different style, such as romantic or traditional. Sofas with many curved or fluted edges are more difficult to transform into a mid-century modern style without a serious sofa reconstruction.