Decoration Ideas with the Mid Century Bed

Feb 14th

Mid Century Bed – Authenticity is the most important part of the decoration of an old bedroom. Obtaining authentic vintage materials is the best, but even if you cannot find vintage accessories, you can still recreate an old-fashioned look with modern materials. If you are looking for ideas or additional inspiration, looking through the interior design books that show trends over the centuries is a good starting point. You can also consult with older family members who might have advice – and even some vintage pieces to give you.

Use a white wrought iron bed frame to create a mid-century appearance or a canopy wood with transparent curtains for the theme of the early 20th century. Furniture must be purchased in a vintage or hand-made store to look for the vintage. Use good quality woods – remember, antique furniture, built to last. Other items of furniture, such as cabinets, a cupboard or chairs, must also have hand-carved details, and all furniture must be made of non-synthetic materials.

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Research the popular colors for the period of time you are trying to emulate. If your “old-fashioned room” is a copy of the 1950’s bedroom, think pink mint green or paint your wall. If your bedroom period is emulating a period of time closer to the turn of the 20th century, more natural colors such as gray blues and creams may be appropriate. Some periods of time were more likely to have wallpaper on the walls. Make sure that the vintage accessories you choose for your room also fit this color scheme.