Decorating the Style of Bohemian Bedroom Set

Feb 18th

The style of  is increasingly fashionable. And not only because it is relatively economical to allow the use of old things and recycled materials. But, in it’s the rule is to guide you by your imagination and your own tastes. Of course, the harmony should always be there, but the bohemian style is characterized by freedom of action. So, decorating your bedroom with bohemian touches means to personalize your space to the fullest.

Fabrics are the most commonly used elements within the Bohemian style, being able to use them both to coat the walls, to make decorative objects, and paintings; or even to use between the bedding. You can choose the tones you want, because the more colorful, the better! Also, do not neglect the ethnic prints, as these go very well in the bohemian life.

The colors are also a good way to give a bohemian style to the bedroom, especially through those dramatic tones, which express strength and vitality. Such as reds, oranges, yellows, phosphorescent and blue, which will look great if combined with furniture rustic. The antique furniture also becomes very present within the bohemian style, especially those with very elaborate patterns and sinuous designs. The bohemian style has always been linked in part with intellectuals. So, bear some details that refer to culture and art are also very suitable for a bohemian effect. As could be through paintings, books, some small sculpture, or similar.

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