Decorating Rustic Murphy Bed for the Office

Feb 15th

Returning a bedroom with a rustic Murphy bed in an office provides space can be used as a guest room and to complete tasks such as household accounting. The key to doing the job well for both activities is to set it up in a way that allows you to use the folding bed without compromising the use of other furniture. It is possible to perform that task in one or more ways.

Paint the wall opposite the Murphy bed and the two adjacent walls of the same color, and paint the wall of the Murphy bed a different contrasting color. That makes the painting scheme of the wall of the main wall bed. Hide the built-in Murphy bed by hanging long curtains to the floor in front of the bed, making the room seem to have a window in that location. Hang one or more pieces of art on the wall of the Murphy bed, but keep the design simple.

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Flank each side of the folding bed with a side table and lamp. The arrangement will bring more light into the space and frame of the fake window. Place an attractive corner desk in the corner in front of the Murphy bed. Make sure that the end of the table clears the bed. Place the office furniture on the wheels at the other end of the wall of the corner desk. Make sure you have at least 18 to 24 inches of space between the bed runway and the extended furniture.