Decorating Ideas for Purple Queen Size Comforter Sets

Feb 22nd

The purple queen size comforter sets has a feminine and regal appeal, which is a focal color suitable for a romantic bedroom. The combination of paint, bedding, and decorative accents work together can transform your bedroom into a romantic sanctuary. That is invites relaxation and intimacy. In addition to using the purple color, choose an accent color that complements the dominant color. It is to break the monotony and create an awesome bedroom that you will enjoy spending time on.

Feature the purple color on the bedroom walls. If you choose a pale shade, like lilac or lavender, paint all the walls purple. If a deeper shade of purples, such as amethyst, the color they opt for. Show on the main wall and paint the remaining walls a lighter shade of purple or a neutral, like cream. Cover the floor with a purple carpet, plush. The carpet adds warmth to the floor and brings color to this surface.

Incorporate luxurious bedding in the space. Top of the bed with crushed velvet or a Satin comforter in a purple hue that contrasts with the color of the wall. Hang purple organza on the bed for a romantic canopy effect. Hang purple silk from floor to ceiling or velvet curtains over the windows. Or for a more whimsical look, cover the windows with net curtains in different shades of purple.

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