Decorating Black Bedroom with Pink Full Size Comforter

Feb 15th

Pink Full Size Comforter – Make bedroom dreams of the girl actually incorporating her chosen colors – hot pink and black – into a well-coordinated room. Both of these colors are on the darker side, use white and pale pink tones in the room to open the space. Consider the hot pink and black your primary colors and the pale white and pink tones the auxiliary colors. All rooms in darker tones typically rely on whites or other light colors to soften up to a room, especially for girls.

Four black walls are a lot of blacks. If your child insists on a black wall, limit it to a wall. Paint the different walls a hot pink if the area is larger. Paint three white walls and a pink wall in a smaller room. Another option is to use black and hot pink wallpaper installed on a wall like an accent wall. Paint the other walls a pale pink tone. This approach works in rooms of all sizes.

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Use hot pink black textiles, such as bedding, curtains, cushions, and rugs, throughout the girl’s room. Keep the bedding simple; Pink or hot pink and black patterned sheets work best. Use a warm pink duvet cover or quilt and mix black cushions along with cushions in pale pink tones, on the bed. Review your room after adding these textiles. If your room needs a little more pink, add warm rose drapes and black floor mats. If the room needs a little more black, add pink and black striped curtains and black floor mats.