Decorating Bedroom with Rustic Toddler Bed

Feb 15th

Rustic Toddler Bed – Think back to the days of your childhood to remember the children of the neighborhood envied bedroom. Maybe it was his, a cousin’s or a friend’s. Regardless of who lived in fantasy wonderland, the room was the subject of remembering a favorite pastime or adventure, and dreams seemed bigger than life when he visited. If you want to create a world for your children, it will not take much effort to mutate an ordinary bedroom into “wild camp.” Just do not be surprised if there is a sign of “No company parents” at the door once they move in.

Choose from earthy colors – brown, covered in green moss or brown – to paint the entire room. If the room is less than 10 feet by 10 feet, paint a single wall in this accent color. Cover other walls with light cream or soft blue to make it look bigger. As an alternative, purchase a rustic mural to transform the room into a lush forest from the ceiling to the floor.

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The last tip is the installation of beds using any of these options. Purchase bunk rustic nest or twin beds in one of the many collections available at the sites of retail and Internet. Nail a series of tree branches cut uniformly on the surface of a flat head. Then paint the unit green, brown or white. Or buy enough fabric to make a tent canopy and then hem the sides and use the monofilament line to suspend the roof covering over the bed or turn the top bunk so it creates an enclosure around the bunk down.