Customizing Your Own Bohemian Style Bedroom

Feb 18th

Bohemian Style Bedroom – What is the boho chic? They will ask. It is a mixture of styles, colors, and cultures that started in fashion and then, like so many other trends, came to decoration. Hippie, they are relaxed but with a wave and a touch of elegance. But, above all, boho or Bohemian style is customizable and represents the creative and free spirit. What are the common elements? Sofas of different sizes (always comfortable and colorful), antique furniture or vintage inspiration, plenty of wood, textile details, patterns, and natural fibers.

Various fabrics and colored prints, cushions of different sizes, and decorative lamps with openwork motifs or glass of many colors are the perfect combinations for this style. This sustenance is a little hippie, so there are not so many armchairs, but more thick carpets and poufs. Believe it or not, a style as orderly and functional as the Nordic can go perfectly with the boho chic.

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The recommendation is to combine Nordic trend furniture, very sober and practical, with more hippies’ decoration elements, such as cushions with patterns, hanging seats, warm lighting, and furs. Ideally, the largest pieces of furniture in the room should be in neutral colors, such as white or gray, and the touches of color on the boho side should come with cushions, plants, lamps, and ornaments.