Considerations of Rustic Platform Bed with Foam Mattress

Feb 15th

Rustic platform bed is one of the many different furniture options for the bedroom. These beds come in different styles and are also available in twin, full, queen and king sizes. A platform bed is a variation of a futon bed and is basically a more expensive and permanent version of a futon. A bed platform has a mattress sitting on a wooden or hard plastic pedestal.

Some bed styles have a built-in mattress in a frame instead of sitting on a pedestal. Often a platform bed includes a shelf that completely or partially surrounds the mattress. In a platform bed, a wooden or plastic platform replaces the standard box spring found in conventional beds. Platform bed frames offer advantages such as giving a fun sense of style to your bedroom and offering ample space at the bottom.

If you live in a humid climate, there is a small mold of opportunity or mold can grow on the bottom of your foam mattress. This happens when moisture accumulates between the bottom of the mattress and the flat surface of the platform. When changing sheets, check the bottom of the mattress for the moldy odor of mold growth witness. Running a fan in the room reduces the risk of this complication.

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