Beautiful Color and Layers of Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Feb 14th

Bohemian Bedroom Decor – A truly bohemian room is inspired by the colors, artists, and courtesans of the 19th century Paris, whose symbol is often the Moulin Rouge. The cabaret 1889 built in the extravagant Paris Pigalle area. The colors and textures of a modern bohemian bedroom are inspired seductive of the famous district. Nowadays, the word Bohemian evokes the idea of bringing a new life to the old elements and layers of textures, styles, and colors.

The bohemian look is based on layers of color. For the walls, choose the paint in earth tones or precious stones, such as intense brown, oxidized orange, wine color or emerald green. Each wall can be a different color or choose two alternating colors. The plants also benefit from layers. In the form of carpets, you can look for Persian-inspired rugs with coordination (but not matching) with the colors of your walls. Even if you have a carpeted bedroom, lay down the carpets seemingly randomly add to the overall bohemian feel.

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Bedding in various earthy tones or jewelry is sumptuous. Mix the colors in the bedding. With gemstone-toned bedding, select navy leaves, a brown quilt cover and an amber band. Bring in various textures, as well; Cotton sheets under a satin comforter, with a throw of wool and polyester decorative pillows, is based on the theme of Bohemian. Curtains can be superimposed. Hang at least two curtains, such as a transparent white curtain with a heavier velvet curtain on the outer edges. The bows with pearls or stripe that hold the curtains add another layer.