Adjust Mid Century Queen Bed Frame for Full Size Bed

Mar 2nd

Mid Century Queen Bed Frame – There is no better alternative to scrapping a piece of old furniture than finding a new function or purpose for it. When reducing a queen to a full-size bed – smaller space or perhaps it was a gift or an inheritance – make some simple adjustments to make your queen bed frame fits your full-size bed.

Unscrew the screws that attach the support bars to the head and foot joints and then mark the position of the new holes for a full-size bed. Space uniformly the marks for the screws of the centers, both of the head and the foot of the bed. Drill new holes of a constant size and aligned with the previous ones to attach the hardware through these new holes. Place the box spring on the metal support rods and then place the mattress on top. The difference of 6 inches – or 3 inches on each side – between the width of a full and a double bed may not be very noticeable once the bed is dressed with bedding and cushions.

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The double frame of the four-sided metal bed that adjusts to the variable width is very easy to mount on a full-size bed. After removing the marriage mattress and the box spring, push the armor inward from the mattress support foot to adjust its length to 75 inches. Push the frame inward on one amongst its sides to regulate it from sixty inches to fifty-four inches. Immobilized in place if the frame has a locking mechanism, and then place the mattress on top.